Below is a list of Communities along with a description of each one. For open (non-private) Communities, click on its name to visit its home page.  To be included in the membership directory for any of these open Communities, visit your "Communities" tab in your Profile Page.

Some Communities are "private" and are noted as such. These Communities require membership approval in order to view the home page and interact with its members. Go to your "Communities" tab in your Profile to submit a membership request to join a private Community.

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Alumni Governing Board  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description: Members of the Alumni Governing Board
Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description: Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation
EMBA Connection  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:A community for UMKC alumni with an EMBA from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management
UMKC Mentoring  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:UMKC Mentoring
UMKC Multicultural and Community Affairs Committee
Description:This Alumni Committee (MCA) is a sub committee of the Alumni Governing Board
UMKC Retirees Association  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
UMKC School of Computing and Engineering Alumni  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description: Coming soon...
UMKC Women's Council
Description: UMKC Women's Council