2017 Nominations will be accepted from December 1, 2015 - March 4, 2016

UMKC Alumni Award Categories

UMKC Alumnus of the Year - Recognizes one alumnus who has achieved eminence in his/her professional field; made contributions to education, science, the arts or human welfare of national or international significance, and rendered outstanding service to society.  

The Bill French Alumni Service Award – Recognizes one alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding loyalty, commitment and service to the University and received prominent public acknowledgment for his/her achievements on behalf of UMKC.  

Defying the Odds Award - Recognizes one alumnus who has achieved professional and personal success despite tremendous obstacles such as financial hardship, lack of or few positive role models, having been raised in an environment or dealt with circumstances that were not conducive to furthering their education. This individual demonstrates outstanding loyalty and commitment to the University or the Alumni Association and has rendered outstanding service to the community.  

Spotlight Award - Recognizes one alumnus, faculty member, student and/or constituent leader whose accomplishments, leadership and public service have caused regional and national attention to be focused on the University and the metropolitan area.  

Legacy Award - Recognizes one family with a tradition of attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The recipient family must have a minimum of two generations of alumni and include a minimum of three family members, at least two of whom must be graduates (third member may be an attended alumnus with 12 or more credit hours but no degree awarded). The nominated family must have a record of outstanding service to the University, the Alumni Association, their community or profession.  

Alumni Achievement Awards - Recognizes one alumnus from each of the twelve academic units who has achieved notable success in his or her professional field and rendered outstanding service to the community.

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