Alumni Governing Board


The mission of the Association is:

To provide a lifetime link to UMKC for alumni and friends to support the mission and goals of the University and to help it achieve its potential.

The purposes for the Association are:

  • for promoting and furthering education in the State of Missouri by aiding, extending, furthering and calling to public attention the work of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and
  • by supporting, maintaining and directing to educational ends the Alumni activities of the Association and former students of said University;
  • to demonstrate loyalty to Alma Mater,
  • share in its problems and progress,
  • form a closer bond among the Alumni,
  • administer and support a program participated in by Alumni from all schools and colleges within the University,
  • and do all things related thereto.

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Governing Board Nominations

Nominations for the UMKC Alumni Association Governing Board are now open! If you have someone you would like to nominate, or you would like to submit your own name for consideration, please complete the online nomination form. Nominations are due by Friday, April 21, 2017, at 11:59 pm CST.

Candidates should be UMKC alumni who have:

  1. A sincere concern with the University’s place in the community and a willingness to serve as a liaison between UMKC, its alumni and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.
  2. Ability to thoughtfully appraise the University in light of changing community needs and national trends and contribute to the University’s growth and advancement.
  3. Willingness to gather and enthusiastically impart accurate information about programs and services of the Association and the University.
  4. Willingness to personally support Association programs and activities for the betterment of the University and the community through personal gifts of time, expertise and annual support of the University’s “Alumni Fund" as personal capacity allows.
  5. An appreciation for fiscal responsibility and willingness to participate in fiduciary oversight and accountability of the Association.

Specific Responsibilities of Governing Board members:

  1. Attend and thoughtfully participate in board and committee meetings.
  2. Prepare for board meetings by reviewing minutes and financial reports and becoming well-informed on subject matters to be discussed.
  3. Keep informed about changing needs in the community and the University’s strategic plans.
  4. Support and participate in the programs of the Association.
  5. Make an annual gift to the University’s “Alumni Fund" or the UMKC scholarship, school or program of your choice.
  6. Be an advocate for the Association and the University it serves.
  7. Be in compliance with conflict of interest and whistleblower policies.