By the Numbers

Sarah Schiltz (M.S. '07) took night classes to earn her Master's degree in accounting. Recently named partner at MarksNelson, she is the youngest woman ever to be named to this role at the firm. (Photo © MarksNelson)

Alumni Storytelling

Our outstanding alumni are pursuing their passions in Kansas City and beyond. We are delighted to share some of their remarkable stories through our new project, Inspired Beginnings. Great Journeys.

A Voice Unmasked

Rick Wasserman (M.F.A. '98) makes a living with his voice. He's not a singer or a talk-show host. A voice actor and the voice of the AMC Network, Wasserman has given life to some of television and film's most iconic characters. (Photo by Ricardo Palavecino)

The Future is Nano-Sized

Take a peak at what the future of tech holds with an expert in the know, UMKC School of Computing and Engineering Professor Masud Chowdhury, Ph.D.